7 Russian wedding dress brands you didn’t know about

Wedding season has officially begun, which means brides will have plenty of supplies to go around. We have already talked about the main trends, collected current dresses from Russian brands (for every taste and budget) and prepared a selection of unusual wedding rings that you will not want to take off. Of course, preparation for the celebration is not limited to these points. Therefore, if you are not only interested in the environment, we recommend reading our material on where to get ideas for a wedding that will conquer social networks.

Of course, the dress also needs to play a role (read: show the groom what treasure he found). So it’s worth spending a few months searching for this image.

First of all, it is important to decide exactly what you want: a ready-made dress or your own design. By the way, last year we talked about the advantages of the latter. If you are ready to consider both options, you will definitely like this material. Today we have brought together seven Russian brands that create beautiful wedding images. The kind you don’t want to get up for.

Perle’s wedding dress

Perle wedding dress brand is a real St. It has the spirit of St. Petersburg. The dresses created by designer Evgenia Lashkova give a feeling of freedom, sophistication and aristocracy; There’s no cluttering details, no overly fluffy skirts like Disney princesses, or mixing various fabrics. To explain the brand even better, if 90s style icon Caroline Bisset-Kennedy had chosen a wedding dress in Russia, she would definitely have chosen the Perle wedding dress. Meanwhile, designer Evgenia started sewing at the age of 11, and when she grew up, she took lessons from a drapery maker who worked for Christian Dior for 10 years. Later she got a job at Tatyana Kochnova’s wedding fashion studio. And in 2022, he opened his own brand and literally in one season won the love and recognition of representatives of the fashion industry.

Daniil Antsiferov

Daniil Antsiferov’s wedding collection, codenamed Mystery Bridal, was created for brides who are not afraid to go against the rules. The themed drop comes in two colors: white and (surprisingly) black. Daniil Antsiferov’s wedding dresses always have an abundance of details, intricate cuts and magnificent play of fabrics (the brand’s signature crumpled dresses also found a new interpretation in the collection). So it’s the exact opposite of the previous designer. By the way, in addition to dresses, the wedding collection also includes accessories such as lace gloves, tights, veils and even boas.

Tatyana Kocnova

Tatyana Kochnova Atelier designers create not just wedding dresses, but real works of art. It is not for nothing that the founder of the brand, Tatyana Kochnova, says: “Clothing can embody the whole world and the art of nature.” The collections produced by the studio prove these words year after year. And the brand has been around for over 10 years, since 2013. So expertise and reputation equal. If you want a handmade, embroidered, finely detailed dress, contact the masters of this brand.

Come Sideways

Yana is another brand that creates unique handmade wedding looks. In general, Yana Raskovalova’s fashion house has existed since 2011, so during these 13 years she has managed to attract the attention of the fashion community to her images. The brand’s wedding collection includes a wide variety of dress styles, from bold minis with lace details to corseted maxis with slits at the hips.


The next brand in our material will definitely appeal to romantic people who do not want excessive luxury and severity in their image. The designer of the brand, Lena Maksimova, takes inspiration from 17th century clothes and the national costumes of the Northern peoples and adds her own vision. As a result, all three “materials” are harmoniously mixed and you get incredibly beautiful, intricately sewn dresses that can be easily worn after the celebration.


Sensual, gentle, unearthly – these three words can describe the dresses created by the team of the Chelyabinsk brand Murashka. “Our bride is in love with ocean waves, sunrises and sincere smiles,” say the designers of the wedding brand. You won’t find tight corsets and strict lines here, but you can feel the same comfort and freedom in the brand’s dresses. No wonder the team says their brides are always chosen with their hearts.

talk no more

Kristina Lisovets, founder of the Say No More brand, is a former stylist, and this can be seen with the naked eye in every dress in the showroom. Not only does the brand specialize in wedding looks, but the Bridal collection is also quite large and diverse: from webbed corset minis to elegant maxis with one-shoulder puff sleeves. Meanwhile, Say No More also offers workshops and custom sewing services. So any of your fantasies can come true.

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