Noz is selling off Minelli shoes and accessories at -60%: here are finally the precise dates

After the receivership and then the acquisition by three entities who sold off part of the shares in deposit, the rest will be liquidated in Noz at the end of May at -60%. The French retailer has finally specified the dates on which we will be able to find women’s and men’s shoes, as well as accessories, at discounted prices.

Minelli was placed into administration in September 2023. The brand was ultimately purchased on 8 January 2024 by three buyers: the Mes Demoiselles Paris brand, as well as investors DS Invest and Union Brothers. To succeed in this recovery, 73 stores will close permanently (of the 120 stores, 39 stores and 8 corners in shopping centers will remain) and 213 positions out of 600 will be eliminated. In the midst of this social decay, some shops had to sell off their shoes and leather accessories at the dawn of closure. And it is precisely the destocker Noz who will take care of the rest of the stocks put up for sale by the legal representative.

We finally know the exact dates of the -60% sale on shoes and accessories, for women and men, from Minelli to Noz.

Noz sells Minelli shoes at -60% from May 21st

Noz actually bought back almost 191,000 Minelli items, including 170,000 pairs of shoes, as we learned in March 2024. But at the time we still didn’t know the date when they would go on sale in the 321 Noz stores in France. It’s finally official: Minelli shoes and accessories will be on sale up to -60% of the initial store price from Tuesday 21 May to Friday 24 May 2024. The destocker website specifies:

“170,000 pairs of shoes and 21,000 accessories: attention fashionistas and fans of trendy shoes: thousands of pairs of a major French shoe brand will be available at -60% in NOZ stores from May 21st*

For this first exceptional arrival, scheduled for May 21st to 24th* depending on the stores, the spring-summer range of a leading French shoe designer can be discovered in the Branded Textile area of ​​your NOZ store: pumps, sandals, mules, women’s ballet flats, but also men’s city shoes.

*Delivery days vary from store to store, from Tuesday 21 May to Friday 24 May

A major French shoe brand at -60%: these items from recent collections (mostly 2022/2023) will be available at -60% of the store price.

See you at the start of the school year: An exceptional arrival for the start of the school year will highlight autumn-winter: boots, ankle boots, derbies, moccasins… »

Reduced prices symptomatic of the crisis in the fashion sector

There will be bags, belts, leather accessories, including maintenance products. But also 170,000 men’s and women’s shoes. We will therefore find the spring-summer 2023 collection there starting from this month of May. Then at the beginning of the school year, the autumn-winter 2022-2023 archives. A reduction in prices that can be good for our budgets hit by inflation, but also symptomatic of a profound crisis in the fashion sector.

The more clothes and shoes we sell, the more jobs we destroy. This is how we could summarize the ultra polarization of the sector, between luxury on the one hand and ultra low cost on the other. Between the two, it is the failure of mid-range fashion that we are observing in France, after Camaïeu, Cop.Copine, San Marina, Kookaï and even Minelli. Enough to leave behind thousands of jobs, especially in sales. And women who predominantly occupied these positions are now struggling to retrain. All in a silence among politicians and public opinion that says a lot about the contempt reserved for fashion.


In recent months there has been a massacre for fashion brands in France. 👀 But concretely, why is mid-range fashion collapsing in France today? #fashion #fastfashion #fastfashionshouldend #actu #camaieu #sanmarina #ecologies #edutok #tiktokacademie

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