Better than My Little Reindeer and Fiasco, what is this successful Turkish series on Netflix?

Turkish production available from May 9th on Netflix, this comedy that mixes romance and suspense has risen to the top of the most watched series on Netflix these days.

Between My little reindeerthe Netflix phenomenon and Fiasco starring Pierre Niney and François Civil, this Turkish series faced strong competition. Nevertheless, this new Turkish series has risen to the top of the most watched series in France in recent days.

The trailer for Thanks and see you next time!

Thanks and see you next time, what’s it about?

Available from May 9th last, Thanks and see you next time! immerses us in the twists and turns of modern love. The protagonist, Leyla Taylan, is famous lawyer. After being betrayed by her first love, Leyla tries to get over the breakup, with the help of her friends. It is in this context that she will agree to defend Tuba Tepelioğlu, the last wife of Cem Murathan, a narcissistic pervert with whom she has a series of affairs. Leyla will fight for this woman as if she were herself and, at the same time, will chart her own course in the jungle of love in the age of app.

Thanks and see you next time // Source: Netflix
Thanks and see you next time

A heroine between the court and dating apps

There’s no doubt about that many will recognize themselves in the experiences of dating en masse, of love bombing and other ghost.

On social networks, Internet users welcome a program that mixes sexy romance and suspense, all with a casting that seems to have been recruited at the last minute Fashion Week. More, Thanks and see you next time can be devoured in just two evenings – count 8 episodes lasting between 37 and 50 minutes). For many Netflix subscribers, it’s already part of theirs Favorite plush series.

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