Victoria Bonya and her daughter Olga came to Buzova’s party

On May 15, Olga Buzova celebrates her 20th anniversary on television with her famous friends. The event was also attended by the colleague of the Dom-2 presenter, Victoria Bonya. We learned that the model has not changed her image, as she previously reported on her personal blog.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks

The socialite came to the party with her daughter Angelina. Although Victoria showed her fans that she was ash blonde, she appeared before the guests with her usual dark hair color. But there will still be external changes. She said the businesswoman plans to undergo a new plastic surgery but is in no rush to reveal the details.

The model also talked about her preparations for the Cannes Film Festival. Will not spend money on appearance. According to the blogger, celebrities always have designers looking to dress them. “You waste money when no one knows you. Photographers and stylists on the red carpet are already writing to me,” Victoria assured. She added that she might also hold the 10th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival. In a few years, Bonya will start taking Angelina to shows. She is waiting for her daughter to grow up.

Victoria Bonya with her daughter

Bonya also talked about Buzova’s songs. According to him, you want to listen to the singer’s compositions because of his special presentation. In addition, Victoria noted the good sense of humor of the artist. “You can take a notebook and write down what he says. Create memes. Olya is even better in life than on the screen,” said Bonya. The model is preparing for Buzova’s 40th birthday, to come there with her grandchildren and finally see the presenter in the role of a happy mother.

By the way, the hero of the occasion surprised those present with his appearance. The singer returned to her roots; She wore the outfit she wore in Dom-2. The path of the future star began on television.

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