Max’s DUNE: PROPHECY Series Teaser Trailer – “Sisterhood Above All”

Max has released a teaser trailer for his upcoming sci-fi series Dune: Prophecywhich tells another story of the author Frank Herberta story that takes place 10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides.

It looks like a great series that has the same level of production value as Dune film directed by Denis Villeneuvewho is a producer on the series.

The series follows the Harkonnen Sisters as they battle the forces that threaten humanity’s future and found the legendary sect known as the Bene Gesserit.

Emily Watson AND Olivia Williams will play Valya Harkonnen and Tula Harkonnen respectively, the formidable Harkonnen Sisters, who have risen to power in the Sisterhood.

The series is “designed to coexist” with the Dune films and the story is told “through the eyes of a mysterious order of women known as the Bene Gesserit.

“Endowed with extraordinary abilities resulting from mastery of body and mind, the Bene Gesserit deftly intertwine with the feudal politics and intrigues of the Imperium, pursuing plans that will ultimately lead them to the enigmatic planet Arrakis, known to its inhabitants as Duna .”

Also includes the cast of the series Travis Fimmel (Vikings, raised by wolves), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (The colony), Shalom Brune-Franklin (The tourist), Faoileann Cunningham (The Norman), Aoife Hinds (Normal people), Chloe Leah (Foundation), Marco Forte (Shazam!, 1917), Jade Anouka (Last Christmas, His Dark Materials), Jodhi MayAND Chris Masson (Riverdale, Broadchurch).

The series is written by Alison Schapkerwho is also the showrunner. John Spaitswho co-wrote the screenplays of Dune film, he also worked on the series, and Johan Renck (Chernobyl) will direct the first episode and serve as executive producer.

Spaihts previously spoke about the series, saying, “The Bene Gesserit have always been fascinating to me. Focusing a series around that powerful order of women felt not only relevant and inspiring, but also a dynamic setting for the television series “.

Dune: Prophecy launch is expected in autumn 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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