“Nothing can break me anymore”: Lerchek talked about changes in life after the divorce decision

Valeria Chekalina in March (real name – Note ed.) After 11 years of marriage, she filed for divorce from her husband Artem Chekalin. The businesswoman did not disclose the details of the separation. However, he did not deny that the house arrest, which was forcibly observed by the spouses during the investigation, damaged the relationship. As you know, a criminal case was filed against them for tax evasion in February.

Lerchek. Photo: social networks

Lerchek admitted that he had a hard time separating from his wife. But as it turned out, the girl found the strength to continue. “I’m back! Renewed, more determined and stronger!!! And now I can breathe very easily. Full chest!!! Nothing can break me in this life! It hurts to fall, but you have to get up. For myself… For the sake of the children,” he said on his personal blog.

Chekalina added that after recent events her life has changed dramatically. As the businesswoman stated, she started to think differently. “You don’t need to hold on to things, even if they are very expensive, houses are just bricks, they can be rebuilt and money can be made! What matters is your mind, ideas and energy! And also the people around you,” Lerchek concluded.

Let us also remind you that the blogger appeared in the world for the first time after a long time on May 13. The celebrity posed with her children on the red carpet of the ZHARA MUSIC AWARDS.

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