‘Tell this to the billions watching’: Chris Hemsworth responds to criticism from Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola

Chris Hemsworth. Photo: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth, star of the movie “Thor”, reacted emotionally to famous directors’ criticism of “superhero” cinema. Comic book movies have been criticized by Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott.

Hemsworth responded to the dignitaries’ remarks with a discussion of his own films failing at the box office. He also noted the popularity of the film genre in which he worked.

“We were talking about the problems of superheroes and I thought, ‘Great, tell that to billions of viewers.’ Were they all wrong? The 40-year-old actor told The Times:

Scorsese has previously criticized comic book movies and said that they are more interesting. Francis Coppola later added that they were disgusting and that the director doubted anyone would watch them.

Hemsworth once said that people began to go to the movies less, but only because they were hanging out on social networks. According to the star, it was the great superhero movies that kept audiences glued to the big screen in this moment of transition.

Source: People Talk

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