Orlando Bloom hated playing his character in TROY so much that he “erased that movie” from his brain

Orlando Bloom he starred in several films over the years that remain wonderful memories for the actor, including The Lord of the RingsAND Pirates of the Caribbeanbut there is a film he didn’t like so much that he erased it from his memory.

During an interview for Variety’S “Know Their Lines” video series, Bloom interrupted one of the lines said by her character, Paris That of Wolfgang Petersen 2004 historical epic Troyand admitted that he had almost completely blocked the film from his mind.

“Oh my God, ‘Troy.’ Oh, by the way, I think I’ve erased that movie from my mind. So many people love that movie, but for me, playing that character was just cool [slits throat]. Am I allowed to say all these things? I didn’t want to make the film. I didn’t want to play this character.”

He continued:

“The movie was fantastic. It was Brad [Pitt]. It was Eric [Bana] and Peter O’Toole. But how will I play this character? He was completely against everything I felt in my being. At one point Paris is said to crawl on the floor after being beaten by someone and holds his brother’s leg. I thought, “I won’t be able to do this.” One of my agents at the time said, ‘But this is the time he’s going to make it!’ And I completely fell in love with that line of agent. I think that’s why I put it out of my mind.

It’s a shame that Bloom had a bad experience, but he did a good job in the role and the movie was pretty fun to watch as well. Troy is now streaming on AMC+.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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