“I panicked every time”: Kristina Asmus encountered trouble on vacation

Kristina Asmus explores the vast regions of Russia. The actor chose Altay for the holiday. The star of the series Interns admitted that he was shocked by the beauty of local nature, but solitude with flora and animals was not easy for him.

Christine Asmus. Photo: social networks

The artist said that in the first days before going out, he applied tick repellent to his clothes and bare parts of his body. According to Christina, when she returned home in the evening, she examined herself naked in the mirror and bent over in the most incredible poses.

Christine Asmus. Photo: social networks

“I also panicked whenever something itched.
There are so many ticks and now it’s the top. There are no mosquitoes. Now I’m already ruined. I just spray water on my legs and not all the time, I walk around in shorts, I don’t shake anything off and I forget to examine myself,” Asmus shared on his personal blog.

Let us remind you that the actor previously found himself in an awkward situation in the sauna. Christina, wearing a bikini, entered the booth without realizing there was a naked man there. She turned her back to her neighbor and sat at the end of the bench. However, she could not stand the tension and left the room.

Source: People Talk

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