Taylor Swift concert: There’s a big problem with this photo of a baby sleeping on the floor

A child was seen lying on the ground during Taylor Swift’s concert in Paris, in front of 42,000 spectators. A photo that outrages internet users and recalls a terrible tragedy that already occurred during a Taylor Swift concert in November 2023.

Since Friday 10 May the Internet has been shocked by the photo of a sleeping child. And for good reason: The photo was taken during Taylor Swift’s concert at the Arena La Défense in Paris this Friday, May 10, as reported by Huffington Post. In other words, this child was placed on the ground in the midst of a crowd of 42,000 people.

UP The internet user expressed his anger, writing in the caption of the post “get your baby off the ground and go home”. In a second message, she showed an image of the scene from another angle, revealing the tens of thousands of people surrounding the child.

Just to give a full picture, this is the big picture of the show in Paris tonight… and that child is somewhere on the floor AT THIS CONCERT! WTF, they lost their minds! Terrible parents. »

Seen and commented on by hundreds of internet users, the post sparked strong reactions. Some denounce parents with very unconscious behavior, others are outraged to see that parents have it he shelled out the money for the concert tickets, but didn’t pay the babysitter.

Drama once happened at a Taylor Swift concert

In turn, a woman present at the concert reacted. The latter tried to reassure X users by explaining that she was present during the scene and describing a moment ” kindness “ : “We left a nice space around them, the whole family was there, everyone was friendly and the parents were very attentive, the baby didn’t cry even once. » A testimony that seems to ignore the most basic safety instructions and evades them completely the possibility of an accident or crowd movementfor an event in which the fans are also involved.

Remember that a tragedy has already happened at Taylor Swift’s concert. Last November, a 23-year-old fan died in the crowd during the American superstar’s concert in Rio. The temperature was around 60 degrees.

THE HuffPost he stated that he had contacted a spokesperson for the Arena Paris La Défense who assured that the child’s parents had been offered places but that they refused them.

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