“Scary figure”: Agata Muceniece announced her weight after the May holidays

Agata Muceniece spent the second half of the May holidays with her children in the company of TV presenter Ivan Chuikov. The actress does not comment on her relationship with the young man, but continues to interest the audience with joint shots.

Agata Mutsenietse. Photo: social networks

Turns out the weekend went well. According to the artist, he has gained too much weight and will now need to get rid of it urgently.

Monday started with training for Agatha. “On the scales, it weighs 56.6 kg. It’s a terrible number. Thank you May. 55 should be 1. 54.9 – excellent. I worked out my abs, I did the worst cardio yesterday. I will run 10 km and weigh myself,” Agata said on her personal blog.

Returning home, Muceniece weighed herself again. The star noted that she achieved a good result – 55.9. “Extra water came out,” the actress said.

Let’s remember that Agatha complained about her complexes before. As Muceniece admits, she doesn’t like her own legs. To correct this deficiency, the artist decided to engage in rigorous training.

Source: People Talk

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