8 creepy scenes from Russian TV series that are downright embarrassing in 2024

8 creepy scenes from Russian TV series that are downright embarrassing in 2024

Remember the “Yes, I love you!” meme? That’s how he came into existence.

What creator doesn’t dream of having their work stolen for quotes? In this matter you need to be careful, because not only valuable scenes remain in people’s memories. Some creations are so embarrassing that they turn into memes and become the standard of bad cinema.

These 8 excerpts from films and TV series made the whole country laugh at the loving Masha, worry about the birth Marina and be amazed at the evil Dukalis:

“Yes, I love you!” – this exclamation is known to all Internet users. The source for the meme was an excerpt from “The Apple Orchard,” which was released on television in 2011. The plot tells the story of two pensioners, whose grandchildren – Masha and Dima – quickly find a common language and years later fall in love with each other. According to reviewers, the series is quite boring; only Galina Stakhanova and Tamara Semina deserve attention, and the final scene evokes full-on Homeric laughter.

“She is premature, it is impossible to save, her waters have broken,” the actor muttered again and again from the television drama “Katina Love” and became a favorite of Russians. The adaptation of the Mexican series “Hold Me Tight” did not receive high marks from critics and would have gone unnoticed by viewers had it not been for an episode with the doctor on duty who could not explain what was happening to the patient. Until now, viewers on the Internet ask the question: “How did Marina give birth?”

But the scene from ‘Street of Broken Lanterns’ disproved the popular meme featuring the friendly Dukalis. Modern viewers were shocked when they watched the first episodes of the series and saw how a prisoner in Celine punched a police officer.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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