Wearing parachute pants as shorts, a credible fashion trend?

For this spring-summer 2024, in addition to the jort (oversized denim Bermuda shorts) and capri pants (capri trousers), here are the “men’s boxers”, this parachute underwear called “boxer shorts”, which comes out of the underwear section. men’s suits or pajamas to be worn in the city by women. For or against this jumping out of bed look?

You already knew it yielding (this fashion trend that consists of making a pair of boxers protrude generously from the trousers), has returned forcefully to the catwalks in 2021. Since then, parachute boxers have taken their independence to be worn as shorts in the city, even if it means have the appearance of still being in your pajamas. Is it a more credible, practical, affordable and flattering fashion trend than denim Bermuda shorts (“jorts” for short) or capri pants (or capris)?


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How to wear boxers as shorts outside the house?

For two or three summers, this spring-summer 2024 fashion trend has already taken hold. Called ” boxers » in English, can these men’s boxers, also sold in the pajamas section of women’s underwear shops, really be worn outside the home? Fashionistas firmly believe in it, if we are to believe Instagram and TikTok where demonstrations follow one another under the hashtag #BoxerShorts.


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In practice, we can reproduce the “jumping out of bed look” to the letter, with a simple t-shirt or tank top, with why not a shirt worn open over the top, as well as clogs (the famous Birkenstock Bostons) or sneakers gymnastics (T-Toe as dictated by the current fashion trend of sneakers, for example, such as the Gazelle, the Samba or even the SL 72).


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Or, since it is a particularly casual garment, we can strive to elevate it with more sophisticated clothing items. A shirt worn buttoned up, with pumps, Scholl clogs or even moccasins will look great. And to push the limits of style even further, you can focus heavily on jewellery, so as to make it clear that you wore underwear on purpose, and not that you forgot to take off your pajamas.

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