Garik Kharlamov and Katerina Kovalchuk were suspected of a secret wedding: the comedian’s mother showed the video

Last week, Garik Kharlamov hinted that he would become engaged to Katerina Kovalchuk. The comedian posted a video showing a girl’s hand with a ring on her ring finger. The artist later confirmed that he proposed to his girlfriend.

Katerina Kovalchuk and Garik Kharlamov. Photo: Legion-media

Mom does not lag behind her son in terms of intrigue creation skills. Natalya shared the video on her personal blog, in which she poses in an evening dress in front of a table decorated with candles, signing succinctly: “I am in the status of mother-in-law again.”

Garik Kharlamov’s mother. Photo: social networks

Netizens did not wait for the comments of Garik and Katerina and congratulated Natalya on the joyful event in her son’s life. “Are you happy! It can be seen on the screen! This is incredible pride and happiness!” “Natashenka, this is wonderful,” wrote enthusiastic fans of the couple.

Let’s remember that Garik was married twice. He married comedian Yulia Leshchenko in 2010. The couple broke up when the entertainer started dating Kristina Asmus. In 2013, Kharlamov formalized his relationship with the actor. The couple had a daughter named Anastasia. But the ordinary boy could not save the family: the girl’s parents divorced.

Source: People Talk

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