There is no justice: How much money did the actors of “The Magnificent Century” actually make?

There is no justice: How much money did the actors of “The Magnificent Century” actually make?

Find out who was humiliated by the low fees.

The film adaptation of the life story of Suleiman the Magnificent glorified and enriched dozens of Turkish actors, but there were conflicts both in the harem of the padishah and on the set. The reason is the unfair distribution of compensation.

These amounts surprised and angered many fans, who found such a low fee humiliating for their favorites.

It was in the US that the actors of ‘Friends’ were paid a million dollars per episode, but the makers of ‘The Magnificent Century’ did not have that kind of money. The richest member of the film crew was Halit Ergench – he received 30 thousand dollars. His best friend and Grand Vizier Okan Yalabik earned almost four times less. At one point, the actor was outraged by such injustice, because even the performer of the role of Bali Bey received a higher compensation.

Meryem Uzerli was also dissatisfied. Although she was the second-highest paid actress on the series, her replacement, Vahide Perchin, also received the same $17,000. This fact seemed insulting to many fans: they believed that it was Uzerli who made the project a success, and her rival took away her laurels.

However, the most outrage was caused by the news that Selim Bayraktar – also known as the incomparable Syumbyul-aga – earned only three thousand dollars per episode. According to fans, it was his character that kept everyone glued to television screens for 139 episodes. However, attentive viewers noted that there was no reason to complain, because Bayraktar, unlike other actors, took part in all episodes and earned more than 500 thousand dollars.

Photo source: Star TV

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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