Here are the 3 most searched brands on Vinted

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Vinted revealed the names of some of the most sought-after brands in November 2023. In case you missed the information, here it is:

Vinified the second-hand clothing sales platform is one of the most used applications by the French, ever 23 million members.

Marking its 10th anniversary in 2023, the platform shared a report based on internal data, which revealed the most searched brand names in 2023.

Vinted, a very feminine platform

And in first place is the sneaker brand converse which wins hands down, followed by the sportswear brand adidas. We can also count on the presence of the Spanish fast fashion giant Mangoon the jeans brand Levi’s or even on the French house Sézanelaunched just a year before Vinted.

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A top with very feminine designs, according to the report almost half of the products on sale on Vinted belong to the “Women” category. The “Children” category follows, then the “Men” category, which represents 10% of the articles posted online.

Figures to be specified, given that the “unisex” box also contains products intended for women, and vice versa.

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