“I used epidural anesthesia”: Daria Klyukina shared the details of the birth

The Bachelorette star gave birth to a son, whom she and husband Vladimir Chopov named Alexander, at the end of April. Today, a young mother told on social networks “how that day was” and shared images from the maternity hospital.

Daria Klyukina is in the maternity hospital. Photo: social networks

“I was expecting 38 weeks, but the baby was 41 weeks. Together with the doctor, we decided that labor should be induced. We set a day. I arrived at the clinic at 7.30 and my son was born in the evening. Time passed so fast. I had an epidural and I am very pleased. But this does not mean that I do not feel the process,” said Daria Klyukina.

Daria Klyukina is in the maternity hospital. Photo: social networks

The girl admitted that she liked the birth. “Thanks to how well everything went, the process did not scare me and I would happily repeat the experience,” she said.

The star of “The Bachelor” also noted that her friend Alice decided to support her during the birth. According to Daria, they had a lot of fun talking. A friend helped him breathe properly and relax his diaphragm.

Let’s remember that Daria Klyukina married Vladimir Chopov in 2019. They got married in Lake Como. The girl announced that the couple is expecting a child at the end of November 2023.

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