“She’s in pain”: Madonna talked about the difficulties of motherhood

Madonna dedicated a touching broadcast to children, commemorating her late mother. She singer admitted that she misses her loved one. But, as the star noted, the nearby heirs make her happy.

Madonna. Photo: social networks

The artist explained that his mother left very quickly. Madonna didn’t have time to say goodbye to her because doctors didn’t tell her that her mother was dying. Looking at the portrait of a loved one, the pop diva repeatedly asked for help.

At the same time, the celebrity is tormented by several questions: is his mother proud of him, his success at work and how he raises his heirs. “Today, my children sleep under the same roof with me, which is very rare. It calms me down. They grow very fast and spread in different directions. And yes, it is difficult for me to let them go,” the artist shared.

Madonna with her mother’s portrait. Photo: social networks

Madonna noted that motherhood is the hardest thing in life. “I always laugh with my friends and say that motherhood is suffering. But this isn’t a joke, this is the truest thing I’ve ever said. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” the singer concluded.

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