Totally Spies Season 7: This Big Change for Jerry Making Fans React

After 11 years of absence, Sam, Clover and Alex return for new adventures. Breaking away from sexist stereotypes, the series returns in a more modern and inclusive version.

It was their most dangerous mission and they succeeded with flying colors. After a decade of absence, the Totally Spies returned to Gulli this Sunday 12 May. We rediscover Sam, Alex and Clover in a very different version of both loyal to the first seasons of the 2000s, but stripped of their clichés.

Spies in Singapore

One of the first things that strikes you about this seventh season is the change of scenery. Beverly Hills, the mecca of the bourgeoisie of Los Angeles, is no longer here: our favorite spies have moved here Singaporethat the series represents as a futuristic and eco-friendly city. This change of location perfectly reflects the evolution of the series, which aims to be more in line with current concerns, particularly in terms of the environment.

But that’s not the only notable change. Jerry, the boss of Woohp, retired and made way for his daughter, thus marking a generational shift within the organization. This decision caused some concern among fans, but many praised the choice to make this character so endearing. a fatherof whom she is the daughter mixed race. A healthy choice, mixed race characters being relatively underrepresented in anime.

As reported by Huffington Postthe producer of this new season explained that, despite these developments towards greater feminism and inclusiveness, the Spies “ they are 80% what everyone knows, they haven’t changed”.

The authors of this new flurry of episodes are the same as the first seasons. The French public will even be entitled to further nostalgia since the girls will be dubbed by the same actresses from the period 2001-2013. Recall that the French series is far from being limited to French borders as it was broadcast in France. 220 territories and translated into 60 languages.

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