These 15 Russian phrases blew up the internet: we still find them funny in 2024

These 15 Russian phrases blew up the internet: we still find them funny in 2024

No one knew about the meaning of the Russian flag.

It used to be better, the elders said. In 2024, children of the “zeros” agree with this statement and watch fragments of programs, amateur videos and videos of arrests that have gone viral on the Internet.

The following 15 statements by ordinary Russians have amazed and made their compatriots laugh for more than twenty years:

“Break me to pieces,” a comment that divided the life of a drunk driver into before and after. In 2010, Shaidabek Esedullaev was arrested for drunk driving and captured on video by a police inspector. Very quickly the video was viewed millions of times and the whole country learned about the participants of the event. The sudden fame did not please Esedullaev, which he talked about in the broadcast “Let them talk.” Unfortunately, the story, which started as a sitcom, ended tragically: in 2023, Shaydabek died in an accident.

“No vacation!” – complained the first-grader and in an instant she turned into the darling of Russia. Spectators, young and old, sympathized with the upset Asya Petryaeva, who did not get a ball from the school ruler. Twenty years later, there was no trace left of the little tense girl: on social networks, an attractive brown-haired adult with a confident look appeared in front of her fans.

Another ordinary person went down in Internet history by talking about the meaning of the colors of the Russian tricolor: “Red means beautiful, blue means freshness and white means elegance.”

Watching these and other videos, Russians note the charm of the 2000s, when people lived with pure emotions and were sincere.

Photo source: Channel One

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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