Here’s the text to never send to an anxious person

According to an American study, there is a message that should absolutely not be sent to a naturally stressed person. And it’s true that it can be chilling.

Sometimes messaging communications can be open to interpretation, especially by anxious people. Some messages are more distressing than others. So, according to a study, one of the worst messages to send to an anxious person is: “ Can we talk ? »

A message with a “negative connotation”

In the American edition of Huff Postthe marriage therapist Alex Oliver-Gans States: ” The ambiguity and lack of tone or context in this type of message leaves enormous room for interpretation and catastrophe. »

Because the ambiguity of this message can lead people to ruminate or think the worst. The anxious brain then begins to prepare for the terrible outcome it imagines. A break ? A layoff?

” ‘Can we talk?’ it already has a negative connotation. Who ever said, “Can we talk?” and did you have good news to share? »

Alex Oliver-Gans.

To avoid worrying an anxious person unnecessarily, according to the therapist it is preferable to be anxious accurate and of provide details on the topic of discussion to be addressed. “ A few extra words in your message can save everyone some anxiety and give the other person a chance to prepare for the deeper conversation you’d like to have with them “, he specifies.

You can also reassure yourself by including a positive thought in the message, so that it is not interpreted as preparation for disaster: “ You can say: ‘I wanted to find out [le sujet dont vous souhaitez discuter]’, or ‘Do you have 15 minutes later today?’ This minimizes ambiguity, sets clear expectations, and allows people to better understand the scope of the conversation, instead of leaving them perplexed. “, he concluded. On the other hand, if the topic of discussion is truly serious, it could also be cash.

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