Chafing thighs: This anti-chafing stick is the best on the market

Every late spring and early summer the same problem arises: friction between the thighs creates irritation and a feeling of discomfort. Result: we end up wearing trousers simply to avoid this phenomenon. Fortunately, there are many conditioners to limit this problem. And the one we are going to tell you about is, in our opinion, the best on the market.

Temperatures are rising. So it’s time to highlight dresses, skirts and shorts to stay cool throughout the day. Unfortunately, this feeling of well-being is only short-lived when your thighs rub against each other. Although this is a completely normal and natural phenomenon, after a few hours, or even a few minutes for some, the skin is so irritated that a fire could break out.

But what to do? While talcum powder works, its effects are unfortunately only short-lived. Another solution: Wear cyclists under dresses or skirts so that there is some fabric to protect the skin. Not practical in high heat. So that friction no longer creates irritation, the best option remains anti-chafing products. And the stick First aid beauty it is the one that best accomplishes its mission.


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A balm that creates resistance to perspiration

The peculiarity of this balm is that, once on the skin, it creates a sweat-resistant shield. For what ? Just because it is bacterial sweat, which, in addition to a friction phenomenon, will lead to skin irritation. Formulated with shea butter (which improves the tightness of the skin barrier) and colloidal oatmeal (calming and soothing), it is not sticky and leaves no residue.

Of course it can be applied between the thighs (its main function) but also under the armpits, the groin and all the places where you might feel irritated. The advantage is that once on the skin you no longer feel it and since it has been specifically designed to be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive, has a high tolerance. So you can use it without fear…


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