Alena Shishkova spends time with son Timati from Anastasia Reshetova

Alena Shishkova had to cut off communication with her daughter for a while due to illness. However, now mother and child are almost never separated. The model shared new photos with Alice.

Alena Shiskova. Photo: social networks

This time the star family decided to try themselves as designers. By the way, Timati’s son from Anastasia Reshetova was also in the pictures. Note that the model has repeatedly published photos with Ratmir.

Let’s remember that Timati and Alena Shishkova started dating in 2012. However, the couple broke up a year after the birth of their daughter, who was born in 2014. Later, the rapper started a relationship with Anastasia Reshetova, who gave birth to his son in 2019. But they already broke up in 2020. Timati is now dating Valentina Ivanova.

Alena Shishkova and Timati with their daughter Alisa. Photo: social networks

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