Miscarriage: Both parents will be entitled to two days of leave in this European country

In Belgium, both parents will be entitled to two days of leave if one of them suffers a miscarriage. This law is the first of its kind in Europe.

It’s a the very first in Europe. On Friday 3 May, Belgium adopted a measure providing for leave of ” two days of circumstances » in case of spontaneous abortion, for both parents.

Leave valid when miscarriage occurs before 24 weeks of pregnancy

If this new law only concerns federal public employees, i.e. 65,000 people, there is good hope that in the future it can be extended to the entire population. According to the Minister of Public Service, Petra DeSutter, “the duration of this leave is obviously symbolic (…) pain and sadness last much longer”he told the Flemish newspaper De Morgen.

This two-day leave is valid when the abortion occurs before the 24th week of pregnancy, since in Belgium the fetus is considered viable starting from this period, remember International mail.

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We remind you that in France the law also provides for leave without a waiting period since last January, and this only for pregnant women. A law that protects even in the event of dismissal for “late abortions”, i.e. those that occurred between the 14th and 21st week of amenorrhea.

In the world, according to a report from the scientific journal The Lancet published in 2021, one in ten women would have had a miscarriage, every year 23 million abortions occur worldwide, or approximately 15% of total pregnancies.

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