“Ritual Rage” on TikTok: These Women Who Pay $4,000 to Scream in a Forest

On social media they scream and hit the ground with sticks. What seems like a relaxing activity for women is actually another way to earn money from the patriarchy.

Capitalism can turn everything into source of profit, even the suffering of women. On TikTok, something new trend the well-being that should allow women to express their anger has emerged. There are videos on the platform showing women screaming, hitting or breaking objects in nature, especially in forests.

Between 2000 and 4000 dollars per day of “pension”.

Behind these “return to the primitive state” sequences lies a Business which has the air of dystopias. Second United States today, these women pay a fortune for these “retreats”, during which, for example, anti-stress ceremonies consisting of hitting pieces of wood on the ground are sold. On social media, Scottish user Mia Magik describes herself as a “spiritual fairy godmother.” To attend one of these spiritual retreats, you would have to pay between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars For a day.


Rage Rituals: My honor to facilitate them. Remaining silent in the face of injustice has become the norm because, once upon a time, the alternative was death. Many of us have never touched the fire of this emotion. The suppression of our truth is a major factor in the witch wound that lives in our very DNA. But we can rewrite our stories. This is exactly my intention every time I conduct this ritual on my retreats. Anger has been exploited to prevent us from uniting, as its sacred spark has triggered very positive changes in reclaiming our civil rights and freedoms. Of course, raging at someone usually doesn’t help much, but even the feeling of fire can be so unfamiliar that we experience it as sadness. Which is considered a more acceptable emotion, so we may often cry when what we really want to do is scream. There is a deeper intimacy with ourselves that we experience when we feel permission to express ALL of who we are in a safe space. This is what I’m here to support and create, and what an honor it is. While anger and ritual don’t often go together, when they do, the transformation witnessed and experienced is otherworldly. Come access the magical healing of this energy for yourself, held in conscious community and sacred sisterhood with me in Scotland from 9-14 October 2023. Let’s begin this revelatory revolution, shall we?!

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Rage Rituals are one of the greatest honors to lead on my retreats. Check out my YT for the full video. If you want to experience an anger ritual with me and a group of sisters, I will be hosting 2 retreats this fall. #womensretreat #rageritual #spiritualretreat #spiritualtiktok #queendom

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The problem is that this product has very real resonance among women who are deprived of the ability to express their anger. The media The independent We report the testimonies of several women. In the comments on the TikTok videos they admit to having done so he burst into tears seeing videos of women free to vent their anger and frustrations. Beyond the WTF anecdote, this movement on social networks is further proof, if any were needed, that many men would give a lot to be free to cry, and women, to scream.

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