“I hope I’m not annoying”: Kate Beckinsale shares strange video after plastic surgery accusations

50-year-old Kate Beckinsale responded to criticism of her appearance. The actor posted a video on his personal blog in which he sits in a wheelchair dressed as an old man. The star sarcastically expressed hope that her face would now be appropriate for her age.

Kate Beckinsale. Photo: Getty Images

The artist once again denied the information that he resorted to surgical interventions. Annoyed by the negative comments, Kate decided to put an end to the plastic surgery issue. “I hope I don’t disturb anyone else. Farewell “- Beckinsale called out to ill-intentioned people.

Kate Beckinsale as an old man. Photo: social networks

Kate previously said that after 30 years, they began to blame her for using botox and fillers. The actor is disturbed to hear that he is obsessed with youth and is naturally afraid of growing old.

However, in March, Beckinsale was hospitalized, but not because of aesthetic problems, but for another reason. That day, the celebrity addressed the audience through tears.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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