“Everything has changed for the better”: Emma Hamming talked about her life against the background of Bruce Willis’s illness

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming. Photo: Getty Images

Emma Hemming, wife of seriously ill Bruce Willis, devotes herself entirely to caring for her star husband. It’s been a year since the actor’s family announced his terrible diagnosis to the world.

Frontotemporal dementia gradually destroys the “hard-to-crack” personality. Currently, relatives and friends of Bruce Willis are trying to spend as much time as possible next to him. At first, the actor himself and his wife tried to keep everything secret, but when he had to end his cinema career, they decided to reveal the bitter truth to the world.

“Everything changed for the better when we were able to disclose his diagnosis. I could breathe, actually breathe, and I felt this weight lift off my shoulders. I was able to find the support I desperately needed,” he said while attending an AFTD conference. The actor shared these images on his social networks.

Now he is trying to help people who are faced with a similar situation as much as possible. Ex-wife Demi Moore also takes an active part in the fate of Bruce Willis. He recently talked about how difficult times he was going through because of what happened to the Fifth Element star.

Source: People Talk

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