“We agreed to be free”: Igor Sivov confirms his divorce from Nyusha

Today Nyusha officially announced her separation from her husband Igor Sivov. The singer said that she had already ended her relationship with the businessman. As the artist admits, a new transformation is taking place in his life.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov. Photo: social networks

Sivov confirmed that he divorced his wife. “Nyusha and I continue our journey separately, but our relationship was and remains close. We lived our relationship sincerely, trusting each other, our feelings, our hearts. We know absolutely everything about each other. “We ourselves agreed on the opportunity to be free and announce the separation when we both thought that the time had come,” Igor said in an interview with Starhit.ru.

Let us recall that Nyusha married Igor Sivov in August 2017. A year later, the couple became parents of a daughter named Simba. And in 2021, the couple’s son Saffron was born.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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