Vladimir Putin took office as President of the Russian Federation. I collected the main thing

At the end of March, the Central Election Commission of Russia officially declared Vladimir Putin president of the Russian Federation. The opening took place today at the Grand Kremlin Palace. First, the head of state took the oath.

“In exercising the powers of the President of the Russian Federation, I swear to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of people and citizens, to observe and defend the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the Russian Federation. The state must serve the people faithfully.”

Vladimir Putin. Photo: frame from the live broadcast of Kremlin.ru

We have compiled for you the main headlines of Vladimir Putin’s speech after taking office as president:

  • “The interests and security of the people of Russia will be my priority”;
  • “You, citizens of Russia, have confirmed the correctness of the course of the Russian Federation”;
  • “We must raise and educate generations that will strengthen Russia’s power”;
  • “We are a united and great people, and together we will overcome all obstacles, achieve everything we have planned, and together we will win.”

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