“More sex”: Maria Ilyukhina told how to choose actors for the spin-off of “The Voronins”

Masha from “Voronins” cannot calm down. On her personal blog, the actress continues to discuss the issue of filming a spin-off film of the popular comedy series “Kostya – Vera”, in which another actress was cast in her role. Earlier, Maria Ilyukhina had already reviewed the professional skills of her colleague.

Maria Ilyukhina. Photo: social networks

Now the girl told how, in her opinion, the auditions for the project took place. Interestingly, Maria initially claimed that she did not receive an offer to star in the series.

The actress posted a video of herself curling around a chair in a short dress. She pretended to flirt with her on-screen boyfriend. Ilyukhina bit her lips and looked at him placidly. “They said: “More passion, more sex!” — the girl said and added that she saw this scene differently.

Maria Ilyukhina. Photo: social networks

Netizens supported Maria Ilyukhina. “I want to hug you and calm you down. Life is not fair. It is unknown what will happen to us from now on,” wrote dissatisfied followers, adding, “They got all the ratings with this actor, they made a big mistake.”

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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