Worst celebrity look at Met Gala 2024: Lana Del Rey with mosquito net and Cardi B with Marge Simpson hairdo

The Costume Institute’s ball attracts major Hollywood stars, musicians and pop divas every year, and preparations for the event take months. Met Gala is one of those events where celebrities spare no effort or money. Throughout its 76-year history, Bianca Jagger, Jacqueline Kennedy, Madonna and even former American President Donald Trump have attended the charity event. And not only representatives of the fashion community, but the whole world is watching the carpet. Meanwhile, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour always personally approves the guest list. The same is said to be true for its visuals. They say if Wintour doesn’t like a dress, it should be changed.

However, considering that approximately 400 guests came to the ball, it seems impossible to keep track of everyone. We can’t find any other explanation for why stars appear on the carpet in strange, outlandish outfits (sometimes that don’t even comply with the dress code).

We have already talked about the best looks of the event, now it’s time to show off the outfits of the weirdest looking ones. This category could easily include Cardi B, who for some reason appeared on the red carpet with Marge Simpson’s hairstyle. In the worst-dressed ranking, she is (unfortunately) followed by Lana Del Rey, whose dress was created by Alexander McQueen’s new creative director, Sean McGuire. Initially, the outfit was designed to reference the iconic image from the 2006 collection that McQueen himself worked on. True, the result was in the spirit of “Expectation vs. Reality”. But that’s not all. Here are ten more star looks that didn’t pass the harsh criticism of The Fashion Vibes editors.

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