Maria Sharapova attended the Met Gala in a dress by Nepalese designer Prabal Gurung.

Maria Sharapova. Photo: Getty Images

Former world number 1 Maria Sharapova appeared on the Met Gala red carpet in a lemon-colored dress. The audience had mixed reactions to her “floral” fabrics and neon color.

Maria Sharapova. Photo: Getty Images

The 37-year-old tennis player’s outfit was designed by Nepali-American designer Prabal Gurung. According to the designer, she made the dress inspired by spring flowers.

However, many people saw a hint of the tennis court in the image. Sharapova was not upset by this turn of events. “Anything that brings attention to tennis makes me incredibly happy. It’s great to see sports intertwined with arts, entertainment and culture,” Maria told Town & Country.

The star noted that she prefers neutral tones in daily life and her Met Gala dress was a bold experiment for her. By the way, we’ve already compiled a list of the best and worst outfits from the 2024 Met Gala.

Source: People Talk

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