Even my mother believed it: A neural network replaced Katy Perry at the Met Gala

Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Singer Katy Perry was replaced by artificial intelligence at the Costume Institute Ball. The deepfake was not immediately recognized.

On the eve of the big event, someone created the 39-year-old singer’s appearance at the Met Gala. The star’s outfit was in line with the Sleeping Beauties theme chosen this year. The dress looked great. The only detail that revealed the casting change was the wrong color of the red carpet.

The singer himself announced that it was a fake. She posted this on her social network and quoted the message of her mother, who decided to praise her daughter’s outfit she. “I didn’t know you were going to the Met Gala. What a gorgeous dress! You look like the Rose Parade, you’re your own platform hahaha,” the message read.

Perry released a video from a recording studio to deny this. She captioned the photo: “I couldn’t go to the Met Gala, I had to work.” Singer Rihanna also missed the big fashion show. According to sources, she fell ill.

Source: People Talk

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