Ben Affleck’s changing appearance is being discussed on the internet

It seems that the moment has come when not only Ben Affleck’s frowning expression, but also his changing facial features are discussed. Some internet users claim that she had plastic surgery. The Daily Mail writes about this.

Ben Affleck. Photo: Getty Images

The fact is that the artist performed on the Tom Brady show (in which, by the way, the football player made a harsh joke about Kim Kardashian) as part of Netflix Is a Joke Fest. Viewers were extremely surprised to see the actor on the show, but his strange behavior and the lack of wrinkles that Ben had, according to fans, raised more questions.

Ben Affleck. Photo: still from video

“Why does Ben Affleck look like he told a plastic surgeon he wanted to look like Elon and got Jerry Seinfeld instead?” “Someone tell Ben Affleck that comedy needs facial expressions. Readers of the publication wrote that the man should stay away from JLo’s surgeon.

Source: People Talk

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