Pants Fashion Trend: Can You Wear Capris When You’re Not a Model Like Bella Hadid?

While many people admit to hating capri pants, the fashion industry has come to believe in the trend of capri pants, which stop below the knee, or even mid-calf. Bella Hadid just adopted her. Here are some other inspirations, if you’re tempted.

You may have seen the media talking about Capri pants trend ? Also called corsairs, they have all the characteristics of capri pants, minus the bad reputation.

However, it can be equally unflattering, due to its bastard length, as it stops just below the knee, or even mid-calf. So much so that it gives the impression that it cuts the leg, thus compressing the silhouette instead of lengthening it.

Now model Bella Hadid has worn it publicly, perhaps making us want to believe in this capri pants fashion trend a little more.

Bella Hadid supports the fashion trend of capri pants

While counting on her hypermedia coverage to best launch her new perfume brand Orebella, Bella Hadid focuses on memorable looks. In addition to a vintage Christian Dior dress by John Galliano dating back to 2004 (thanks to Bella Hadid’s new stylist, Molly Dickson), she was photographed in a Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2024 total look by Maximilian Davis, with particularly striking capri pants. Because it’s divisive. And that’s exactly what fashion loves.

While we may find that the length of capri pants tightens the silhouette, Bella Hadid therefore wears them with heeled mules to look better. And to avoid giving the impression of trousers that are too short, she rolls up the sleeves of her bomber jacket to repeat this intermediate length on her upper body. Additionally, the top half of her look, a padded bomber jacket, contrasts in volume with her bottom half. In short, there are many elements that make it an outfit that is both inspiring, flattering and easily reproducible.

How to wear capri pants? Inspiration

It should be noted incidentally that most of the fashionistas who have adopted this trend have a silhouette similar to that of the model Bella Hadid. These are mainly tall and slim women, although nothing stops you from adopting this trend when you have another body shape. Here are some other fashion inspirations if you’re wondering how to wear capri pants:


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