Why you should not use the sleeping bag offered in the maternity ward

Delivered to parents in the maternity ward in the “first 1,000 days” sack, these sleeping bags or sleeping bags pose a suffocation risk due to a manufacturing defect, warns the Aude Regional Health Agency (ARS).

It’s the fear of all parents: that their child can no longer breathe due to inadequate sleeping arrangements or the ingestion of a small element.

This risk, far from being negligible, is even more intolerable when it concerns an object offered to the maternity ward, and which should therefore guarantee the safety of newborns. Even more so when it is provided to all new parents by the government. This dangerous item is none other than the sleeping bag (also called sleeping bag) which is part of the “First 1,000 Days” bag.

Since March 2022, approximately 260 maternity wards, spread across the metropolitan area, have provided this kit to new parents. “Welcome to parenthood” composed of six everyday objects such as a soap, a bib, a youth album or even a moisturizing cream.

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Kits distributed throughout France until October 2023

Except that, according to the Aude Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the Narbonne Hospital Center (Aude), there is a manufacturing defect on the turbine kindly offered. “Following a report from the ARS regarding a defect on some sleeping bags offered with the first 1,000 day welcome bags, the Hospital Center maternity hospital is asking all families who received this bag, including the snap of some white sleeping bags presents a risk of detachment, do not use this product anymore »writes the maternity department in a post on social media, in which it specifies that sleeping bags “they have a manufacturing defect on the buttons sewn on the shoulder. They can break off, so children could swallow one and choke.”.

According to the Aude ARS, only bags distributed in all maternity hospitals until October 2023 are affected. A map produced by the Ministry of Labor and presented below lists all facilities that have provided sleeping bags to parents.

For its part, the Narbonne hospital center apologized to the parents affected. They can be contacted to answer their questions at the following email address: [email protected].

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