Travis Knight’s MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE live-action film story details and release date

Amazon MGM Studios has announced that the live-action Masters of the Universe The film will be released in theaters and is scheduled to debut on June 5, 2026.

This has also been confirmed Travis Knight (Hornet, Kubo and the Two-String) will direct the film from a screenplay written by Chris Butler.

Even though I’m a fan of Knight as a director, I don’t like the direction they’re taking the story. A synopsis has been released for the film which makes the mistake of having Earth as one of the main settings like the original 1980s film.

In Masters of the Universe, “10-year-old Prince Adam crash-lands on Earth aboard a spaceship and is separated from his magical Powersword, his only link to his home on Eternia.

“After tracking him down nearly two decades later, Prince Adam is returned to space to defend his home planet from Skeletor’s evil forces.

“But to defeat such a powerful villain, Prince Adam must first uncover the mysteries of his past and become He-Man: the most powerful man in the Universe!”

So it looks like the first half of the film will be set on Earth. While I hope the movie turns out well, I just don’t understand why they can’t set the entire story on Eterina! Why do they keep putting He-Man on Earth in these movies!?

What do you think of the direction Knight and Butler are trying to take the story?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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