Maria Pogrebnyak spoke openly about her relationship with her ex-husband

The 35-year-old ex-wife of football player Pavel Pogrebnyak successfully combines the role of work, mother of many children and blogger. He not only actively shares shots from daily life with his fans, but also sincerely answers their questions.

Maria Pogrebnyak. Photo: social networks

Maria Pogrebnyak once again hosted a Q&A session in Stories. “How did you survive the divorce? Was it difficult and painful?” – one of the followers asked. “We stayed on good terms! Everyone is communicating with each other! We see each other often! Thank God, we are alive and well,” replied the businesswoman.

The celebrity was also asked how she deals with depression. “I removed him from my life! Maybe you won’t believe it, but it’s true! If I’m not happy with something in my life (work, relationships, environment), I can’t tolerate it, I change it, I’m not afraid to try something new, learn, experience! Meet new interesting people,” said Maria.

Pogrebnyak is sure that regretting, worrying and “backing yourself into a corner” is a useless and extremely destructive activity. “This will not change our lives for the better! We must act! You can change everything while you are alive!” – spoke the blogger.

Maria Pogrebnyak with her boyfriend. Photo: social networks

“Do you have a boyfriend who has captured your heart?” – asked the businesswoman. Maria simply replied, “I have one,” and shared a photo of herself with a man. At the same time, Pogrebnyak chose to hide the gentleman’s face. By the way, at the end of March, the socialite admitted that she will soon marry she. Read about it here.

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