Who are the “Passport bros”, these masculinists looking for love amidst neocolonialism, racism and sexism?

Have you heard of the “Passport bros”? These men are now creating a stir on social networks. In question? Their search for love is harmful to the cause of women and the fight against racism. Decipherment.

These are men in their thirties, coming from Western countries, who declare themselves virile and are looking for a “docile” woman: we are obviously talking about “Passport brothers » which are currently creating a stir on social networks. Phenomenon noticed by our daily colleagues The worldit is in particular on TikTok that they are talked about in the city and that they themselves are very proud to talk about them.

Their goal: to go abroad to find a docile, traditional, “less feminist” woman than their Western counterparts, whose feminist commitment and awakening would cause them a whole host of problems, profoundly damage their personal development and, above all, their “Fragile masculinity “. We explain all the advantages that the Passport brothers have found in exporting their search for love abroad… And why it is problematic for women all over the world.

Foreign women are “less difficult, selective, contemptuous” than in the West

The Passport brothers are men with backward ideas and misogynists which are often single for a long time in their country of origin. If there is nothing wrong with living celibately ad vitam aeternam as long as it is chosen; for the latter, he is clearly in pain. And of course, according to them, all this is the fault of the women of their country! According to them, they have become so too demanding and too complicated because of their feminism ; a feminism that would even push them to do so hate men in general.

Simply put, they accuse these women of being the cause of their celibacy, without ever questioning or thinking that the reason might be their own problematic ideology… Looking for a woman in a distant land – you know, a less developed country than the one they live in – thus allows them to sweep away these barriers to entry into the love market. Because the women of these countries, not “corrupted” by the feminist ideas that make so much noise in our Western societies, would be less difficult, more “convenient” than their sisters..

The white man who lifts the woman out of poverty: a hidden neocolonialism

The hunting areas affected? Often underdeveloped countries of Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe. In short, countries where the economy is less prosperous than in the West, and where it is immediately enjoyedeconomic dominance on their partner, which easily allows them to do soestablish dominance over lots of other aircraft (psychological in particular).

Not everyone, however, is aware of being driven by bad intentions; in reverse. Some of them – even if they are few – even think about helping the woman they are looking for! By choosing her, marrying her, they believe they are saving a young woman in difficulty… Even if sometimes she didn’t ask for anything. This woman might be very satisfied where she is, who knows? A sort of remake of “the white man’s burden” – in very poor taste, by the way – reminiscent of a hidden and frankly disturbing neocolonialism.

Passport brothers want devoted and submissive housewives

As you can well imagine: the second advantage therefore concerns the “temperament” and behavior of the woman they marry. These masculinists are tired of women who are not 100% submissive and do not dedicate themselves to them as they would like. They are tired of having a partner who is “too feminist”, too busy, who no longer dedicates himself exclusively to his husband and home as in the past; but who is also focused on her career, on her personal growth, on her life; and who even has the courage to impose an equal sharing of housework on them.

Here becausethey go to look for their better half abroad : according to them, women from these countries have values, traditions, more docile behaviors of women living in the West: they know how to manage the house, take care of them and treat them like untouchable and privileged monarchs. Among the TikToks that are making headlines, we also find the testimony of an African-American Passport Bro who corroborates our words. In the video we see him accompanied by his Asian wife who he shows like a trophy, proudly explaining why she exported her search for love abroad:

“See, this is why I came to Thailand; to find a traditional woman. In the United States, women do not do the cooking and cleaning. All they do is complain. »


Replying to @mamatrue23 😭😭they are really looking for servants…she doesn’t even like you yo🥴 #maidservices #cookandclean #passportbros #embarrassing #viral #thailand

♬ original sound – Rico Wallace

The Passport bros award then qualities of these women that arise directly from racist and stereotyped clichés. In their world, Asian women would, for example, be more smiley, kinder, gentler than others. The women of Latin America or Eastern Europe would, for their part, be driven by the desire to find a rich husband who would allow them to have a certain security and stability… “Qualities” sought after and appreciated by these uninhibited mascus, since They make them more submissive women to the opposite sex, and therefore perfect wives for men with toxic masculinity… A real danger.

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