THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN Director is all set to direct the rollercoaster thriller. EXCITING TRIP

The director of The Midnight Meat Train, Ryuhei Kitamurais set to direct a roller coaster thriller titled Thrill Ride.

The film will tell the story of a group of people, “including two young women, who become trapped upside down on a roller coaster gripped by a mysterious saboteur who threatens to send them all falling to their deaths one by one.”

So, it seems like a good time! This is the perfect movie for anyone who is afraid of roller coasters! The screenplay was written by Chadian law AND Christopher Jolley.

The director said: “As an avid roller coaster fan since I was young, I immediately fell in love with this script full of suspense, action, crazy ups and downs, twists and turns, loops and corkscrews at top speed. I can’t wait to take a ride and bring to life the wildest roller coaster imaginable.”

The film is produced by Film Bridge International, their company’s Ellen Wander and Jordan Dykstra said in a joint statement. “Thrill Ride is exactly the type of high-concept thriller our customers are looking for in the market. With Ryuhei at the helm, we know his vision and execution will deliver thrills of the highest quality.”

Production is scheduled for later this year, with filming taking place in Bulgaria at Pro Cinema Studios.

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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