“I need such a husband”: Hannah told about her mysterious acquaintance with Pasha

Hannah and Pasha starred in Pavla Volya’s program in Rutube. During the interview, the singer told how she met the producer.

Hannah and Pasha with children. Photo: social networks

“A few weeks before we met, I saw him on TV. He gave interviews, spoke very beautifully, confidently. My mother and I were doing something in the kitchen and I said: “Mom, look how handsome he is, how smart he says things. I need such a husband.” Two weeks pass and we recognize him,” said the artist.

“I saw her. Such a beautiful girl. I thought – go, don’t come up… I came,” added the businessman. They met in Turkey in 2010 at the Miss Kemer International beauty contest, where future celebrities won first place.

Let’s remember that Pasha and Hannah got married in 2015. This past winter, the couple became parents for the second time. They had a daughter named Camilla. They also have a 5-year-old daughter named Adriana. “We have no secrets from each other, no condescension, no misunderstanding, we say everything and we have a million trusts in each other,” the singer previously said about her relationship with the entrepreneur.

Hannah and Pasha with children. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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