Good deal for Mother’s Day: our gift ideas on offer in Laifen!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your mother an accessory that she will use every day. And if you also opt for revolutionary technologies, you get the winning combination made in Laifen. Here are two original ideas on offer!

What if this Mother’s Day you gave your mom a gift that she could use every day to take care of herself? Forget jewelry, flowers and other chocolates and opt for Laifen devices. Since 2019, the brand has been putting innovation at the center of its creative process and imagining technologies, each more incredible and efficient than the last.

The goal: to simply change your daily life. And this while remaining accessible to as many people as possible. After the Laifen SE and Laifen Swift Special quick-drying hairdryers, the company launches into the world of electric toothbrushes with Laifen Wave. On the program, a new design for maximum efficiency. And fortunately, these devices also benefit from very interesting discounts of up to 22% on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A good reason to go crazy and find the ideal gift for your mother.

The Laifen Wave electric toothbrush with revolutionary efficiency

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The Laifen Wave aluminum alloy electric toothbrush // Source: Laifen

With its minimalist and futuristic design, the Laifen Wave electric toothbrush is the Mother’s Day gift that will make the biggest impact in your bathroom. Between a handle in white ABS, silver aluminum alloy or dark metallic gray stainless steel, it will be up to you to choose the one that best suits you.. But his design is not just purely aesthetic, far from it. The 45° angle of its handle offers a very pleasant grip. With its IPX7 certified waterproof vertical structure, water doesn’t seep where it shouldn’t. Its stability is also ensured by nano-molding technology. A design as elegant as it is efficient!

But what makes this toothbrush so exceptional is above all its revolutionary brushing method which combines vibrations and oscillations. The result is optimal teeth cleaning based on the Bass technique, appreciated by dentists. Furthermore, its brushing power is three times greater than that of traditional electric models while its strength always remains the same, offering unrivaled deep cleaning. XXL performance combined with superior quality heads.

To clean your first teeth, start by using the Gum Care toothbrush which offers efficiency and gum protection. Practical, you can save your favorite intensity level, among the ten proposed, directly on the Laifen application. Daily or High Frequency, also choose your favorite mode. Look no further, you have found the ultimate electric toothbrush.

Up to -15% discount

To celebrate Mother’s Day properly, here are two models of this famous toothbrush their price reduced by 15%, for your greatest pleasure from May 1st to 14th!

  • The Laifen Wave ABS toothbrush ranges from €79.99 to €67.15. This offer is valid on the Laifen website, but you can also benefit from it on Amazon
  • The Wave toothbrush in the aluminum alloy version will only cost you €75.65 instead of €89.99 like the other model, you can buy it on the brand’s website or on the Amazon merchant site.

Laifen hairdryer, for shiny and protected hair

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The Laifen SE hairdryer // Source: Laifen

But the toothbrush is not the only product to benefit from maximum promotions. Laifen has in fact decided to spoil your mother by multiplying the good deals. The brand’s emblematic hairdryers benefit from great offers not to be missed, with discounts of up to 22%. What makes these devices so special and efficient, it’s their innovative motor that dries hair much more quickly and efficiently than traditional models. And this protects them from heat damage. Thanks to this Mother’s Day gift, your mom’s hairstyle will be ready in just a few minutes! All devices also feature ionic technology that provides shiny, frizz-free hair.

On one side, Laifen Swift Special offers a complete set of tips including smooth tips, diffusers and concentrators. From a design perspective, you will have it the choice between four metallic colors ranging from black to white, red and silver. The other, the Laifen SE is positioned as an affordable but still high-performance alternative, featuring two smooth tips and diffusers. A device with a regressive charm to be obtained in relaxing pastel tones of pink, blue, mauve or white. For Mother’s Day, choose innovation at a reduced price with Laifen daily devices.

Promotions up to 22% discount

Hairdryers are also eligible from May 1st to May 14th special discount for Mother’s Day up to 22%

  • The most convenient of all, the Laifen SE, it will be even more so. It is indeed displayed at €109.99 instead of €139.99offering a very attractive discount of 22% which you can find on the brand’s website.
  • THE Laifen Swift Special, for its part, will no longer cost 169.99 euros but 159.99 euros. The €10 discount is yours, which is a real treat on the brand’s site.

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