75-year-old Gerard Depardieu was released after being accused of sexual assault

French actor Gerard Depardieu, who was previously detained on charges of sexual assault, was released from custody. This was reported by BFMTV, citing his lawyer Christian Saint-Palais.

Gerard Depardieu. Photo: Getty Images

“Depardieu is no longer at the police station, he has been released from custody,” the lawyer said. He refused to tell reporters the details of the actor’s interrogation, which the police managed to conduct.

Let us remind you that Gerard was also accused of sexual assault in 2018. Later, aspiring actress Charlotte Arnault complained about the star. According to her, Depardieu harassed her during “an unofficial rehearsal of a play”. After the checks, inspectors could not find sufficient grounds to file a criminal complaint. However, the actor filed a new complaint in the form of a civil lawsuit. On April 29, 2024, information emerged that the actor was accused of sexual assault again; He was immediately taken to the police station for questioning.

Source: People Talk

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