Lidl: this is the day of the week to go shopping to save the most

Renowned for its affordable, quality products, the Lidl brand also offers numerous promotions, particularly midweek.

Inflation has taken a toll on our wallets and several brands are aware of this. Like Lidl, a low-cost supermarket, which today is one of the busiest in France – at a rate of 15 million visitors per month. This is thanks to its low-cost robotic products or fruit and vegetables grown in France.
Much cheaper than most of its major competitors, it’s a great place to stock up without breaking the bank. Interviewed in 2023 in our section Scoring regulations, Jeanne also told us that she does all her shopping at Lidl to save money. And it seems that one day of the week she would be more amenable to even lower prices, as noted by Women’s newspaper.

Promotional day on Wednesday

And this day would be Wednesdaybecause it is precisely the day of the week when Lidl puts its new products on the shelves. Since stock shortages are frequent in the brand, it is by shopping on Wednesday that you will have the chance to be one of the first served. Without forgetting that all the promotions are also available in the fresh department, and that you have to get them quickly given the consumption dates to be respected.

And that’s not all. Wednesday often marks the beginning of “Super Saturday” offers., a weekly operation during which exclusive promotional operations attract many people. Promotionsqui are available from Wednesday and not Saturday as indicated by the name of the operation.

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