“This will be a surprise and a sensation for you!”: Anastasia Volochkova took her wedding dress to the Maldives

The 48-year-old ballerina flies to the Maldives every year. Anastasia Volochkova showed in her microblog the things that she decided to take with her. Among them was a wedding dress.

Anastasia Volochkova. Photo: social networks

The actor assured that his luggage will be small. She takes a variety of swimsuits to the resort, as well as light cover-ups and shorts. The dancer attracted the attention of fans when she announced that a man would accompany her on this trip.

“For some reason, Lolochka also gave me a wedding dress. You can’t imagine who I’m going to the Maldives with! But it will be a surprise and excitement for you!” – Anastasia promised.

By the way, the other day the star showed off a luxurious bouquet of red roses, which she received from her boyfriend. “This is love,” he stated. The celebrity has previously spoken about her generous boyfriend. Fifteen years ago, Anastasia Volochkova said that this was love. The man’s name is Miguel, he is Chilean. The stranger gave her a wedding dress but she refused the horse.

Source: People Talk

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