Denis Villeneuve explains why no one understood the true subject of Dune

For the director of Dune, Frank Herbert’s book was misunderstood. The saga is not the portrait of a glorious hero (Paul Atréides) but rather a criticism of dictators with colonialist inclinations.

A worldwide box office success, Dune 2 is an epic adventure along with an epic love story between the characters played by Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet. There is no doubt about the popularity of these two Dear Hollywood folks plays a lot into the aura of Denis Villeneuve’s films.

But it could also be that the fascination we feel towards actors influences our understanding of the work based on Frank Herbert’s novel. We ask ourselves the question.

While he is already working Dune 3Denis Villeneuve confided this Dune era an ambiguous work that risked being misinterpreted.

Paul Atreides is not the hero of Dune

According to the director, the original novel suffers from this misinterpretation. In an interview for the New York Times noticed by Widescreen, the director confided that he had a very precise idea of ​​how to avoid this problem. And you know what? Zendaya is the key to his plan. About his character, the Fremen warrior ChaniHe explained:

“ Chani is my secret weapon. Frank Herbert was disappointed that people considered the book as a celebration of Paul Atreides. He wanted to create a warning against messianic figures, a warning against mixing religion and politics. I wrote the second film trying to be more faithful to Frank Herbert’s intentions than to the book […].

Zendaya // Source: Warner Bros
Zendaya in Dune

Chani/Zendaya, the most important character of Dune 3?

In the first part of Dune, Zendaya appeared very little on screen. Enough to make us fear the character of a lover completely relegated to the background. In fact, the character evolves at the same time that Paul’s character sinks into darkness. Denis Villeneuve explained that love was only one aspect of their relationship:

Paolo betrayed [Chani, N.D.L.R] in different ways. But what matters most to Chani isn’t that it’s about love. This is who becomes the character who will keep the Fremen in their mental prison. A leader who is not there to free the Fremen, but to do it THE check. It is the tragedy of all tragedies.

Dune 2 // Source: Warner Bros
Dune 2 // Source: Warner Bros

Denis Villeneuve went on to reveal this ” anger “ from Chani it was “Huge” and that the latter was at the heart of the understanding of Dune.

In the book, Chani is just a follower. But I thought she might be skeptical. She gives to us a critical distance in Paul’s journey. I wanted to make sure the audience understood that Paul is becoming a dark character, that his choices are exactly what Chani was afraid of. He becomes the colonizer that the Fremen were fighting against. The film will thus become the symbolic story desired by Frank Herbert.

Currently, Dune 3 it is well confirmed, but has not yet entered the production phase.

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