The Flames: we have classified the 6 most moving moments of the ceremony

Rivers of tweets, sometimes harsh criticism in the media: in all this flow of information, we have not said enough how Les Flammes is a historic day for a French culture that shines thanks to the women and men who are the children of immigration.

Celebrate the power of women, sing about the Afro-Caribbean heritage that makes France and the world dance, laugh at the absurdity of racism, pay homage to the victims in Palestine, the Congo or the Mediterranean… This Thursday 25 April Flamesthe ceremony that celebrates popular cultures has made history.

This evening full of pageantry, performances and tributes did not only reward the artists dubbed by the streaming industry. She gave herself the means to create a space for free, thoughtful and joyful expression.. Thanks to guests from all walks of life, from art to sport, through activism and cinema, Les Flammes made known the size of talent, creativity and the surprising strength of communities often forgotten, stigmatized or mistreated due to their gender, their administrative situation or their origins.

We could summarize the ceremony with this phrase pronounced on stage by Assa Traoré: “France is lucky to have these young people. »

Zaho’s surprise return

Generous inside show and as a reward, Les Flammes has reserved a double surprise to the public. After having set the room on fire in just a few notes with the start of “From the farm”iconic piece of the 2010s, La Fouine won us over by inviting Zaho. Firm and powerful voice in both bass and treble, Zaho pushed the nostalgia slider to the max in just a few moments.

Medina’s tribute to the victims of Gaza

It’s hard to hold back tears and clear your throat while watching the show “Gaza Soccer Beach”. A virtuoso poet, Médine interpreted this title written in homage to 4 Palestinian children killed by Israeli missiles in June 2014 while they were playing football on a beach. The text is a jewel of poetry, all in rhymes and metaphors full of double meanings around the lexical field of football. Behind the artist, the names of the children who died in Gaza appear in white on a black screen. A great moment of rap, music and international solidarity.

Thanks to the Flames for allowing us to register the names of all the missing children. There is not enough space on the walls to write the names of 35,000 victims.

“ We are the living voice of those who are dead”: Assa Traoré’s speech

To present the Flame of Social Commitment, Les Flammes invited Assa Traoré, anti-racist activist and sister of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old young man who died in July 2016, in the gendarmerie of Persan, after his arrest by the gendarmes. Listing the names of many other racialized men killed by police violence:

We are the living voices. We are lucky to be there. We are the living voice of the fallenof those who died.

The invitation from Alice Diop and Lina Soualem

Another very well thought out wink from the Flames. To deliver the Flame of best music video to the rapper Shay, the organizers invited directors Alice Diop and Lina Soualem. Far from being banal, their presence sums up well what Les Flammes understood very well: the commitment is global and collective. Arthouse cinema, documentary or rap clip with millions of views: whatever the medium, all these artists bring it forward painful memories, rich cultures and creolization decompartmentalize disciplines to realize their vision human, united and flaming with the world.

Alice Diop and Lina Soualem
Alice Diop and Lina Soualem

Tens of thousands of euros for migrants lost at sea, from Zamdane

Last September, 25-year-old Moroccan rapper Zamdane organized a big concert in Marseille. All funds raised from the event were donated to the SOS Méditerranée association. 14,300 euros were thus able to finance rescue operations at sea. An action welcomed by Les Flammes, who conceded to him the Flame of social commitment from the hands of Assa Traoré and Sara El Attar.

Celebrating artists while they are alive: Euzhan Palcy’s speech

New exciting sequence when Euzhan Palcy, the first black director produced by Hollywood, the first Martinican director to win a Oscar and first black director to win a Caesar. This great lady of cinema, she made an entrance full of joy and energy, welcoming the initiative of the Flames of reward artists during their lifetime. Words that resonate with the death of the Guadeloupean writer Maryse Condé on April 2:

You are happy ? I can’t hear, make noise! It’s wonderful to reward artists during their lifetime because too often we wait until they die to make big speeches and all that.

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