This director accuses Anatomy of a Fall of taking a little too much inspiration from his series, supporting the evidence

In twenty points, the director of the documentary series Suspicions (The ladder in English) wanted to show that Anatomy of a Fall was doing well” on the same tracks » of his work. An observation to which the Palme d’Or team did not respond.

New twist for Anatomy of a fall. This time it is not the revelation of a murder, an accident or a suicide but a list drawn up by director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. In nothing less than twenty pointsthe director of the excellent Sambre explain why Anatomy of a fall From Justine Triet would be largely inspired by his documentary series released in 2004, Suspicions. A similarity which, according to him, poses a problem, because the director never cited Lestrade’s work as a source of inspiration.

Many similarities?

He’s in an interview for Telerama that the director confided to him his doubts about the origin of the scriptAnatomy of a fall, signed by Justine Triet and Arthur Harari. Twenty years ago, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade published his series Suspicions, which chronicled the case and trial of Michael Peterson. In 2002, this writer The American had been convicted of killing his wife in 2003, whose body was found at the bottom of a staircase in their homeas remembered by Huffington Post. The writer had been sentenced to life imprisonment before being sentenced exonerated and released ten years later.

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In the columns of Telerama, the filmmaker clarified that he does not accuse Justine Triet of plagiarism but regrets that the latter was never mentioned in his series, while the commonalities between the two works are, according to him, undeniable. If Jean-Xavier de Lestrade specified it “ the aim is not to harm anyone or initiate legal proceedings”however, he assured: “What hurts is the impression that Justine Triet and Arthur Harari went to the trouble of never referring to The Staircase. »

The director also discussed details of the Palme d’Or plot from which he would draw inspiration “too obvious” :

Truth(s), bisexuality, dissection of the couple : All viewers position themselves on these places of uncertainty and these elusive statements that run through the documentary series. This is also what happens Anatomy of a fall. We are on the same trail, we are analyzing the same thing, not the idea we have of a possible murder, but the idea we have of a couple. »

Jean-Xavier de Lestrade wrote a letter to Triet and Harari last September, but the latter did not react. The producers of the Oscar-winning film, for their part, said they had not seen it “ the relevance of the topic you wish to discuss ».

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