Which items should always be washed separately?

We understand very well your desire to put absolutely everything in the laundry basket into the washing machine, but still we want to remind you of the main rules that should definitely not be violated. If you want your clothes to last longer than a year (or even a month), you should be more careful about washing: pay attention to the brand’s recommendations, which are usually indicated on the label, do not mix white. black and colored also distinguish some types of fabric. Let’s stop at the last point and find out which items must be washed separately.


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If you do not want to end up with a deformed item or the residue of wool from your favorite t-shirt, it is better to avoid washing such woolen items together with others.


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Washing denim items together with other wardrobe items is not recommended as it may stain another item.

lace products

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Lace will damage itself if washed with your other clothes, but it can also damage other fabrics. If you want your most beautiful duvet covers to last longer, it would be better to send them to be washed separately, preferably in a special bag.


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This delicate fabric requires equally gentle washing. It is usually recommended to wash silk products by hand, but if this is not possible, put them separately in the washing machine and use a special mode.

Accessorized clothing

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Clothes with rhinestones, accessories, beads and other decorative elements can damage other things, so it is also recommended to send them for washing in magnificent insulation.

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