‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney poses in bikini after being insulted by a Hollywood producer

The 26-year-old actor is relaxing at a resort in Mexico with his girlfriend and friends. Sydney Sweeney posed on the beach after her recent scandal with Carole Baum, who insulted her by calling her ugly.

Sydney Sweeney. Photo: social networks

Sydney posed in a black swimsuit that highlighted her slim, feminine body. Sharing the photo on social networks, the actor received many compliments from his fans.

Jonathan Davino was also seen at the resort along with Sweeney, his “Fifty-Fifty” partner and the chosen one. The couple has been together since 2018. The lovers also took their dog named Tanka on holiday. Joining the cast were Sydney’s friends Kelly McCartney, Karina Kovski, Hadley Robinson, Morganna Ray and Anastasia Lupa.

Sydney Sweeney. Photo: social networks

Let us also remember that the actor was previously criticized by Hollywood’s famous female producer Carol Baum. The 81-year-old University of California professor stated that he did not find Sydney Sweeney attractive. Moreover, the producer stated that the actor did not know how to act. Baum explained his success by the frank sexuality and promiscuous behavior of modern bosses in Hollywood.

Source: People Talk

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